Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Week of April 21-Shifting gears

Two days of rain chased the restoration dept. indoors. Monday Karl took care of some VC gift shop chores, provided on a handy list by Dia, while Mike and Jon went to Isle of Wight Courthouse. The East courthouse wall had moisture damage caused by all four of the roof gutter downspouts being clogged. The rain poured over the gutter on the East side and the splashback soaked into the wall. We unclogged the downspouts, then Jon repaired the damage to the paint and plaster on the interior. Meanwhile, Mike had to replace some of the subfloor and two pieces of the early heart pine flooring in the bathroom. The floor had some inactive termite damage around the commode. This damage eventually caused the floor to settle, which in turn caused the commode seal to leak slightly. The moisture exacerbated the floor deterioration, leading to a woobly throne. Wouldn't want to get sued for that one! Isle of Wight took two days. Karl was sick Tuesday and Jon is off Wednesday. Wednesday Mike and Karl will go to Wilton for some tree removal, genral cleaning and to secure some windows. Friday is scheduled for the security camera at Scotchtown, leaving the dept. one day to work on the BC pumphouse this week.

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