Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bacons Castle pumphouse-a good day

Mike was able to set all the rafters and start on the roof sheathing, while James cut the grass. There was a problem with the HVAC at the main house being inoperable, which was complicated by a lack of communication. There was a fire alarm pull station in alarm due to corrosion, and someone, probably a docent, had silenced the alarm but told no one about it. Not knowing that the system was in alarm, we assumed it was an HVAC problem and called a technician, who spent some time scratching his head before he traced the fault back to the alarm system. This was a completely avoidable cost, had the facts been forthcoming. After the alarm was discovered, we disabled the alarm, which turned the HVAC back on, and called Fire Protection to replace the faulty pull station. It might be time to call the Spainish Inquisition.

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