Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Smithfield Roof Dedicated

After much planning and figuring out of funding, then much work in very cold weather, Smithfield has a new roof! The one replaced had served valiantly in the harsh wind and weather of Blacksburg for nearly forty years and was well pass need of replacement. A combination of a grant from the Norfolk Southern Foundation and two successive years of dedicated funds from the Paul Murphy Capital Improvement Fund provided the cash necessary to allow the replacement to move forward. Since Blacksburg was bit far even for our intrepid crew, we contracted with New Valley Roofing for the job. They were able to bring a large crew to the job and it was completed in the middle of winter in very good time. The material is cedar shakes and you can see the new copper flashing shining now before it fades a bit in color. We did consider using Henrdicks Tile as a substitute material but the roof framing was judged not to be robust enough to support the added weight. The second photo shows site coordinator Lori Tolliver-Jones speaking to the assembled celebratory crowd with Virginia's First Lady Ann Holton and our own Elizabeth Kostelny on the porch for the event.

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