Thursday, April 24, 2008

Touch 'em all!!

Yesterday, April 23, 2008 after nearly 26 years with APVA Preservation Virginia, I finally visited the one property I had never been to in all my years. The Sarah Winston Henry grave site in Amherst County had never needed any of our direct assistance or care and I had never taken the opportunity to drive to the site. After a day-long meeting at Sweet Briar College, I drove the extra 6 miles up Route 29, to Route 151 to Winton Golf Club and its Historic Cemetery. I admit the cemetery enclosure was much larger, and contains many more burials, than I had expected. The cemetery is under the care of the Sarah Winston Henry Branch, which has generally been based in Lynchburg, where most of its directors have lived. The site is obviously well cared for by the golf course, although I expect our branch uses the modest trust fund for the care of the cemetery to cover the cost of the maintenance inside the enclosure. It, as you can see, has not been trimmed as nicely as the golf course, but it still in relatively good shape. I will try to confirm the status of the inside care and report on that in a future post. But for now, I can revel in literally having touched them all!

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