Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The boys are back in town (Surry, that is.)

Karl and Jon are back this week of April 14th, fresh and ready to work. After a grueling, all you can eat barbeque lunch at the all staff meeting at Gaymont on Monday, the restoration crew resumed work on the pumphouse at Bacon's Castle. We picked up 8 bundles of 24" cedar "handsplits" from Bradco supply Tuesday morning, and finished out the sheathing and trim by Wednesday afternoon. The building is now ready for shingles and siding. Items of interest for this job were the existance of a hatch in the old roof, probably to work on the well inside the building, the old pump with its manual intact in the house, and the burn marks on the roof sheathing, probably from when the office just South of the pumphouse burned. We were able to reuse the door, soffit, facia, and one side of the roof sheathing from the old house onto the new. Two people will be shingling while one works the handsplits into shape to round out the week.

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