Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Friendly Reminder

A friendly reminder from your humble editrix to please remember to add labels to your posts. The label box is directly below the main text box for each entry. When you write something in the box, it shows up at the bottom of the post (I labeled this post "curatorial"). Clicking on that word will take you to a page that shows all posts with that label (so clicking on "curatorial" below will take you to a page with all of my posts).

This step just takes a second and will help us better use the blog in the future.

Please label all site related posts with the name of the site: John Marshall House, Bacons Castle, Scotchtown, Mary Washington House, Smithfield Plantation, Cape Henry Lighthouse, Historic Jamestowne, etc.

Please label departmental posts with your department name: curatorial, retail, restoration, revolving fund, etc.

Add any other descriptive labels that you would like.

Consistency matters. Try to use the same names whenever you label something!


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