Friday, October 9, 2009

We are lumberjacks and we're okay

The restoration department took advantage of the cool weather October 8th to remove a very large tree limb from the side yard at Bacon's Castle. The Castle is having a Twilight Tour on October 24th, and Education Director Jenn Hurst, who is organizing the event, had enough foresight to visit the grounds, and promptly requested its removal. It took all day with three men, a chainsaw and a trailer to remove the debris. The Restoration Dept. gratefully acknowledges the assistance of James Winfield, who has been a tractor operator for the company for 30 years. James just celebrated his 85th birthday on October 4th. It is interesting to note that although the huge limb has laid for five months, it was as wet as the day it fell. Jenn owes the Restoration Department big time.