Monday, June 23, 2008

Restoration and Repair proceeds at John Marshall House

Intensive restoration work is now proceeding with great speed and care at the John Marshall House! Paul Saunders Roofing Company ( is now replacing the aging ashpalt shingle roof. The first step was to erect scaffolding and begin removing the plywood under-support sheathing. This exposed the massive support beams, which even the most experienced carpenter gazes on with wonder. Ken, the crew supervisor, said they would have no problem replacing the plywood with the more authentic support boards. "Everything is still completely straight!," he said. The builder of the John Marshall House, perhaps a shipbuilder, based on the construction, took no chances that the roof would sag. It is amply supported and pegged. Special "Hendrix tiles" are being placed this week. They will look just like ceder or cypress shakes----the original roof material. Gutters will also be installed, which will help tremendously with a decades-old water problem, especially on the west side of the house. If you are a good climber and have the willpower, Ken will probably let you come up for a look!!!! Call me at 804-339-6007 so I can schedule the adventure.

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