Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What Happened? Updates on Past Endangered Sites Listings

The Ladies Pool at Warm Springs, Virginia
Posting Bill Lohmann’s great Sunday article on Belmead inspired us at Preservation Virginia.  Why not use the upcoming weeks to revisit some of the sites listed on previous Virginia’s Most Endangered Lists?  It is an opportunity for a progress report or sometimes the lack of progress.  It might also be a way to reengage and renew awareness of the sites and issues that threaten historic places.  Spotlighting some of the strategies and efforts that are making a difference across Virginia may inspire others.  

The blogs will lead up to our May  13th announcement of 2013 Virginia’s Most Endangered Historic Sites.  With each post, we will provide contact info so you are able to get in touch with the people leading the efforts to save these places.   We plan on posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Be on the lookout and let’s get started—

Recently several members of the staff attended the Virginia Association of Museums Conference in Hot Spring—yes someone had to make the sacrifice!  All of us were frustrated to see the condition of the Warm Springs Pools. (Frustrated is a nice word for being really disappointed and distressed.)

Listed in 2010, the group organized to save the Pools has come a long way.  Taking the long view that there are other historic resources in Bath County, Preservation Bath formed with the priority of gaining ownership of the Pools and the associated structures from the Homestead and to be positioned to support the preservation of other Bath County sites.  The group successfully advocated for the Homestead to undertake an engineering study of the structures.  Preservation Bath now is positioned to begin fundraising to undertake a Historic Structures Report to guide the restoration and maintenance of the two structures. 

Sounds good, right?  There are still two major hurdles—1)  obtaining the 501 c 3 status so that Preservation Bath can undertake the major fundraising effort needed and 2)  working out a deal to transfer the ownership of the Warm Spring Pools from the Homestead and its parent company KSL.  Want to learn more and keep up with the latest?  Visit

By the way, Preservation Bath has nominated the Warm Springs Pools to the National Trust’s Endangered List due out in June.  Keep listening for updates.


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