Friday, August 5, 2011

Archaeology at Corotoman

In preparation for a replacement septic system drain field, staff from the James River Institute of Archaeology are clearing a 29 foot by 22 foot area at Corotoman. This is the 'back yard' of the house that Robert 'King' Carter built in the 1720s. The mansion house burned in the early 1730s but the archaeological remains were uncovered in the 1970s. Because of the proximity to the Rappahannock River, a standard drain field was not practicable. A new design that will work (or so they promise!) requires the absorption area be completely excavated, then covered over with 12 inches of sand on which the effluent ejection apparatus will lay. Under terms of the easement donated to the Commonwealth earlier this year, any ground disturbance must be preceded by archaeology. As of today, which is Day 2 of a 3 day excavation, no features have been found.

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