Thursday, March 24, 2011

Evaluation of Bacon's Castle Presentation continues...

The sign at the entrance road to Bacon's Castle says it all. The site will be closed to regular visitation this year and likely next as we evaluate the visitor experience and our use of the entire site. This National Historic Landmark property tells a unique story, but to a diminishing audience. Like many historic sites, we need to ensure that Bacon's Castle is relevant and the experience provided is one that engages today's visitor. Our most important audience is that in the community that surrounds it. We will seek community ideas and suggestions on how this place can play a useful role in the life of the Surry area and broader region. All this while not losing sight of the historical significance of the building, its architecture and legacy. A fine needle to thread, but one that is exciting to undertake. We welcome thoughts and suggestions. Earlier this week we met on site with representatives from different parts of the National Park Service to get their thoughts on how visitors might experience the site. In mid-April, we will be holding a community input session to brainstorm with neighbors about the use of the site. Watch this space, as well as our Facebook page for ongoing opportunities to provide your thoughts and ideas.

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