Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tucker Brothers Store Update

I met with the architect, contractor and our structural engineer at Tucker Brothers on Tuesday to look at a concern about the front wall of the building. Turns out it is not properly attached to the roof framing structure of the building and sways ever so slightly when pressure is applied. This is a concern. Mike Koelzer, our structural engineer devised a way to attach the wall to the structure that will be part of the extended portico. He is doing the calculations and drawing it up but appears convinced that it can be remedied without an inordinate amount of trouble. The plumbers had to run a video camera through the sewer piping to see where it made a connection with the municipal lines and to determine the condition of the entire line. It too is 'not too bad'. The plumbing engineer recommended a low-pressure flush of the line and second camera tour to determine the final condition. We will do that. We are waiting mostly now on Dominion to schedule the new pole installation so we can trench back to the meter base. We will need an archaeologist on site to observe the trenching. The revised project schedule now has substantial completion in early May.

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