Monday, September 21, 2009

Hollow Sashes

The Restoration dept has spent the last few weeks setting up tents and milling and shaping heart pine stock for window sashes. Jon Miano exhibits the first of nine sashes completed for the project. The sashes are peculiar in that the glass panes are 7"x9" instead of the normal 8"x10" panes. The pane size was reverse engineered, as we had the original window openings but no original sashes. The materials cost for this job will be about $1400.


Katherine said...

I learned a lot from this fascinating blog. I would really like to visit the site and talk with the work team as I have an 1845 exterior kitchen that desperately needs work--and I don't want to do it wrong! I am located about 15 miles south of Warrenton. Please contact me.
Kathy E.

F. Barret Normann said...

I have only visited The Hollow once during the Marshall Family Reunion several years ago, just after the structure had received its historic status. I am thrilled to see the before and after pictures of the house as it nears completion. This is a wonderful example of the APVA at work. Congratulations to all who have participated.
F. Barret Normann