Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer 2009 at the Hollow

The Restoration Department is starting another phase in the Hollow restoration. One of the goals for this session include strengthening the existing floors to the extent that laymen may walk upon them without fear of breaking through. Plywood had been laid on the weak spots as a safety measure previous to this. The west chamber had a 20th century floor consisting of rough-sawn oak fence boards. Tenants had chopped firewood on this floor, causing extensive damage to it. The department replaced the damaged sections in kind. The East chamber existing floor is 19th century random width pine. This floor is worn thin from foot traffic, and is worn through in some areas. For this room, the crew is removing the pine floor and infilling oak boards supported by strips even with the top of the floor joists. The worn thin pine floor will then be reinstalled and consolidated as needed. Carefully cut pine pieces will be used to fill holes now missing in this floor. The "infill technique" will be used in the upstairs where the original heart-poplar, splined floor has been weakened by water damage. These floor repairs will enable everyone to walk on and to fully view the existing types of floors at the Hollow.

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