Friday, March 20, 2009

Eagle Scouts Invade The Castle

The boy scouts invaded Bacon's Castle in Surry to assist the Grounds and Restoration Departments in upkeep of the Historic Landmark. Despite the very inclement weather, the scouts were able to raise the bricks outlining the foundation of the Gardeners Outbuilding back up to grade level. They did this by removing the bricks, filling and tamping stone dust beneath them, then resetting them. This will greatly assist the Grounds Dept in manicuring the lawn in this area. The scouts also were able to do the prep work for repainting the Slave's Quarters by scraping the old, loose, siding paint from the building. Unfortunately, the rain prevented the scouts from repainting the Slave Quarters or the barnyard fence. These are projects that they may pick up at a later date in more favorable conditions. The Restoration Dept had two men repairing the fences March 13th, in preparation for the scouts paint job.

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