Monday, October 27, 2008

Jamestown Archaeological Conference, Nov 20

2008 Jamestown Conference

The staff of the APVA Preservation Virginia’s Jamestown Rediscovery Project, and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Archaeology Department are pleased to announce that the 2008 Jamestown Conference will be held on Thursday, November 20, in Williamsburg, VA. The conference, by and for regional archaeologists will be held at Colonial Williamsburg's Lane Auditorium in the Bruton Heights complex from 9:00 am to approximately 4:00 pm.

As is traditional, the conference will be an informal sharing of recent archaeological work work. Presentations consist of 20 minute papers from any discipline with a bearing on the archaeology of the Chesapeake Region (c. 16th-19th centuries.) Many papers will be fairly technical in nature, but the conference is free and open to all interested persons.

If you know anyone who wishes to present an archaeological paper, please have them contact before Nov. 5.

Conference information including the schedule will be posted by November 7 at

For additional information, contact the 2008 Jamestown Conference Organizers: Jamie May; David Givens; Meredith Poole; Andy Edwards; Ed Chappell

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Historic Jamestowne said...

Just a post-script, the conference is not to be actively promoted as "open to public" due to content as well as seating ability. Thanks!