Thursday, May 8, 2008

Good Fences, Good Neighbors

A couple of years ago, with the support of the Higgins Family, we opened a second entrance into the John Marshall House property. Having lived for decades with just the front access from the sidewalk into the grounds, this second one, directly into the back yard garden opening off of 9th Street, has proven most helpful. It will also provide the main access to the property during the installation of the new roof, which is still scheduled to start any day now. While bringing up the tent for a weekend seminar, the crew began to install new posts, rails and pickets to incorporate the steps into the perimeter fence system around the property. They set the posts and added the rails. The pickets should come next week.

Longer term, there will additional changes to the back yard area. The City of Richmond gave the rest of the block directly behind our property to the John Marshall Foundation. This area will eventually be incorporated into the Marshall House experience as the brick pavers are removed and the grade raised to allow for more grass and plantings. The two yards will connect in some fashion and perhaps additional interpretive opportunities will arise as well.

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