Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sample Post

This is just a sample to show how easy this is to use.

On the way back from Bacon's Castle, I heard from Ann that she had figured out how to turn the water back on in the restrooms at Scotchtown. The docents meet there tomorrow for their first meeting prior to the opening for the season April 1. One of the toilets was a bit balky in filling back up but it sounds as if she knows how to take care of it.

Just to keep everyone updated on the progress of the new naming sign for the Archaearium, I also received from David in Carlton Abbott's office the layout of the lettering for the Voorhees Archaearium sign. This is being installed in front of the iron fence and recognises the contribution that Alan, his wife and children made towards the cost of the Archaearium and towards endowing Historic Jamestowne into the future. We have had the steel support frame manufactured and are waiting to agree on the lettering so the steel can be drilled according to the letter layout template, then powdercoated before installation.

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